Pilgrim Ship Allegedly Dragged Flow Deras Gonzalu

Fishermen Bhakti - 74 ships carrying more than 100 Catholic worshipers who drowned on Friday afternoon around 12:00 pm , allegedly carried by the force between Adonara Gonzalu Strait and East Flores mainland .

" Only about 30 pilgrims rescued , but six of them , including two Catholic nuns and two adult children and two women died. They currently are in the hospital morgue Larantuka , capital of East Flores Regency , " said Anis LN , one of the witnesses , when contacted from Kupang on Friday evening .

He said the vessel was carrying pilgrims from Waibalaun and Lewolere who want to follow the procession of the sea along with dozens of other motor boat to pick up Mr Meninu Arca ( Arca Jesus ) from the City Rewindo towards Pante Kuce in front of the palace of King Larantuka .

The procession through the sea is part of the tradition of Good Friday procession in Rosary Larantuka Reinha City ahead of Easter celebrations Christians remembered the world as the feast of the Passover .

When it arrived in the area Sarotari , he said , fishing boats laden with pilgrims directly turning around because procession Mr Meninu ( Laskar Sea ) from City chapel Rewindo already begun .

When turning around in the middle of the rapids that Gonzalu Strait , Fisherman ship Bhakti - 74 was immediately overturned and sank .

Around 30 people were rescued , but six of whom were reported killed . Victims were found dead spread in several places , among others in the Great Pante and Island Mas and around Beach Rewindo .

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" There are still many pilgrims were stuck in it and the ship disappeared without a trace allegedly carried by the force Gonzalu Strait heading east , " he added .


Case Money Politics, Election Supervisory Body to Investigate Son of Amien Rais

Election Supervisory Body ( Bawaslu ) is still investigating the cases of alleged money politics conducted by legislative candidates ( candidates ) from the National Mandate Party ( PAN ) , Hanafi Rais in Gunungkidul , Yogyakarta ( DIY ) in the legislative elections .

Known , before election day , Gunungkidul Police conducted a raid and found cash amounting to Rp 540 million campaign props along in the car belonging to the son of the founder of PAN , the Rais .

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" The case is being handled money politics . , But could not accuse ( Hanafi Rais ) , we need to go into first, " said Nasrullah , Commissioner Bawaslu to Vivanews , Thursday, April 17, 2014 .

A similar case , said Nasrullah , also occur in some areas in Indonesia . As in West Sumatra , on a calm day when a candidate caught distributing money to the people so that when pierced election . The case has now entered the stage of the proceedings for trial .

" The case of money politics is a lot going on in some areas , it has been processed at the police . Average cases of money politics caught when the quiet period and during the voting , " he said .

Previously reported , the Coordinating Board and former activist PAN ( well-established ) DIY , Hariyanto tour , urged the police and the Election Supervisory Body promptly resolve the allegations of money politics .

Hariyanto asserted , hundreds of millions in cash and campaign pegara tools seized from Rais son ‘s car as evidence enough that money politics is concerned .

" The money the police seized from the car was quite promiscuous Hanafi Rais as evidence , " he said .


Fired from PPP, Monoarfa Call Quality and Less Reason Not Learned

Vice Chairman of the United Development Party ( PPP ) Monoarfa Monoarfa furious after being sacked by PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali . He considered the reason for his dismissal was not qualified and very absurd.

Monoarfa said he could not accept the reasons given by the Deputy Secretary General of PPP Syaifullah Tamliha that he was too busy taking care of his wife who ran as candidates for the legislature .

" I am angry , I wrote does not work for the party because my wife take care of that so candidates . ‘s Not true . Write it Tamliha cheeky! I do not accept . Was the reason that no quality at all and deliberately made-up , " said Suharso when contacted on Wednesday ( 16/04/2014 ) .

Earlier, PPP Chairman Suryadharma Ali issued a letter of dismissal to Monoarfa and other PPP leaders regions , namely the Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPW ) PPP Rachmat Yasin West Java , East Java Chairman Musyaffa Noer DPW , DPW chairman Fadli Nursal North Sumatra , South Sulawesi Regional Council Chairman Amir Uskara , and Secretary of the Regional Council of Central Kalimantan Awaludin Noor . Not only was dismissed , they also sacked as PPP cadres .

PPP deputy secretary general Syaifullah Tamliha mention that the reason for dismissal of the PPP politicians because they perceived intention of overthrowing Suryadharma . Tamliha also said that Monoarfa fired for not working for the party and more busy taking care of his wife who ran as candidates .

Monoarfa , Tamliha reasons mentioned already made ​​his family angry . He stated that his wife was forced forward as candidates for Suryadharma . ” It’s all wrong . I would encounter people who gave false advice to the Chairman , ” said the former Minister of Housing .

Monoarfa and the dismissal of a board of internal polemic against the backdrop of other PPP PPP after Suryadharma campaign Gerindra present in at the Bung Karno , Senayan , Sunday ( 23/03/2014 ) . Not only the present , Suryadharma also gave speeches and expressed support for Prabowo .

Monoarfa was the first to call for that action Suryadharma violated the party’s constitution and its own circular not to campaign for another party . In addition , Suryadharma also disobeyed the results of the National Employment Council II PPP in London in February 2014 , where there is agreement that the eight presidential candidates would be promoted this party . Presidential candidate and Chairman of the Board of Trustees Gerindra , Prabowo , are not included in the list .

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After the maneuver Suryadharma , commanded by 27 DPW Deputy Chairman requested that Suryadharma Emron Pangkapi sanctioned dismissal from office .


Residents of Italy Mortar Mataram District Court

Citizens of Italy , Giovanni Ardizzon , 56 years , through his legal counsel , Riki Riyadi , will denounce Mataram District Court judges to the Judicial Commission . The panel of judges chaired by Sutarno , considered unfair in checking Giovanni lawsuit against NTB Voice newspaper .

According to Riki , the provisions on the right of reply , as regulated in Law Number 40 of 1999 on the Press , not an obligation that must be carried by the injured party by a news media . ” What is his name right , including the right of reply , can be used , can also be used . Thus , the right of reply was not an obligation , “said Riki told Tempo , Wednesday, April 16, 2014 .

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Similarly, the right to make corrections , and the right to sue to the Press Council . Riki said , that right is not explicitly mentioned shall be executed by his client . Therefore , Giovanni as the injured party by the NTB news Voice newspaper , should diliundungi . Therefore Giovanni take legal through a civil lawsuit . “The judges should keep a check on the matter , ” said Riki anyway .

In its message , the Voice of NTB , which is a subsidiary of the Bali Post newspaper , called Giovanni as an exporter of coral ( coral reefs ) illegally during 2013. Due to the news , Giovannu have heart disease and had to undergo surgery in the country .

Giovanni menggutan Sound NTB . He asked for compensation riibu operating costs 58 Euros , or approximately USD 924.288 million , at an exchange rate of Rp 15,936 . Additionally NTB Voice , the newspaper published in Mataram , West Nusa Tenggara ( NTB ) , the replacement must pay transportation costs USD 25.81 million and USD 2 billion immaterial loss .

The judges in the decision, Tuesday, April 15, 2014 , the lawsuit states Giovanni unacceptable . Because Giovanni must first use the right of reply and complain to the Press Council .

According to the judges , the law is specific about the press , lex derogat legi generalist , so if there are problems on the press coverage , it must be through the mechanism of the right to respond in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 2 , the correction rights set forth in Article 5, paragraph 3 , and or submit to the Press Council in accordance with Article 5, paragraph 2 .

In addition to a complaint to the Judicial Commission , said Riki , his client pursued an interlocutory appeal against the judges . But the judge said Sutarno the interlocutory judgment is very clear . ” The lawsuit was premature because it relates to the news , the plaintiff has not exercised its rights . Anyone aggrieved by the press coverage should be through mechanisms such as regulated by the law on the press , “said Sutarno .


Most Troubled Financial Services

The problems in the financial services sector to be the case most dominant public complaints . Going forward , the problem can be more numerous and diverse as transaction activity increases linearly with the use of trading financial services .

That is one of the issues raised in the dialogue about consumer protection in Makassar , South Sulawesi , on Saturday ( 12/04/2014 ) . Dialogue held by Bank Indonesia ( BI ) to present the Executive Director of Policy and Monitoring System BI Rosmaya Hadi Empowerment and Director of Consumer Empowerment Ministry of Commerce Ganef Judawati .

According Ganef , complaints in the financial services sector became the most dominant of complaints received by the Consumer Directorate of the Ministry of Commerce ( Ministry of Trade DPK ) , Consumer Protection Monitoring System ( Siswas PK ) , and the Consumer Dispute Settlement Body ( BPSK ) .

Of the 77 complaints received in 2013 DPK Ministry of Trade , the highest is the case of banking services . In the same year , of the 78 complaints received Siswas PK , the majority is not the case of banks and bank financing .

Meanwhile, from the 420 complaints received in 2013 16 BPSK , most are cases of non-bank institutions and services of the bank .

" Philosophy , when we go to the market , where transactions of goods and services more and more , the government must provide the consumer complaint agencies . The point is how government agencies can provide an easy , fast , and inexpensive for consumers to settle the case out of court , "said Ganef .

Rosmaya said she has established a service division of consumer protection service user payment system per August 1, 2013 . Inside the instruments include the removal and withdrawal of funds , funds transfer activities , means of payment cards , including credit card and automated teller machines ( ATM ) or debit , electronic money , as well as providing and depositing money .

Since its formation until the end of February 2014 , the service had received 77 complaints . As many as 86 percent of those cases were concerned credit card .
Credit card used by people

A case in point , among others, in the form of credit cards used others, the imposition of interest is deemed inappropriate , and billing are considered rude and misplaced. So far , 39 cases of total complaints have been resolved .

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Along with the increase in trade transactions , the potential for conflict between consumer and business increased. This includes the financial services sector . One of the products of financial services is a rapidly growing card payment instrument , such as an ATM card , ATM debit cards , and credit cards .


Also Heartbleed Bug Threatens Android Jelly Bean

Not just web sites and user accounts are not safe from the bugs attacks Heartbleed , Google reported that it was too risky to attack disorders Android operating system . According to the report , the Android operating system 4.1.1 Jelly Bean is the most vulnerable to the attack .

" There are millions of mobile phones and tablets running the Android operating system , including running on Samsung , HTC , and a number of other devices , " said Google spokesman , as reported by Mashable , Saturday, April 12, 2014 .

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According to statistics , Jelly Bean running at 34.4 percent Andorid devices . The company explained , from 900 million Android devices in the world aktid , approximately less than 10 percent of them become vulnerable to attack Heartbleed bug .

We are currently trying to fix it ” leaks ” and will soon be distributed to all Android partners . In addition , Google will keep an eye on the Android operating system updates from the mobile phone manufacturer or operator nikrkabel .

Heartbleed Bug discovered by Google security researcher on Wednesday . Based on the data , approximately 500 thousand of web sites on the internet stricken Heartbleed bug . Meanwhile , more than a thousand of them still remain vulnerable until last Friday afternoon .


Although soon after, the President did not close the opportunity raises fuel prices

The government justifies continued to boil all scenarios regarding the possibility to raise prices of fuel oil ( BBM) . In fact , does not preclude that step is executed in politics , as long as the situation is urgent and there is a green light from the House of Representatives ( DPR ) .

It was announced by the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs Hatta Rajasa at his office , Friday ( 11/4 ) . Although the realization of gasoline and diesel consumption in the first quarter and 23 percent can be saved , but the government ‘s financial burden remains high due to the weakening of the exchange rate .

Maintain a safe limit current fuel price , Hatta said , is when the budget deficit exceeds 3 percent . ” Indeed, we can control the consumption , but the impact of the exchange rate no effect. So , we may not take the policy , when the deficit has exceeded three per cent , ” he said .

CMEA said processing various scenarios to address the issue of energy subsidies discussed by the Fiscal Policy Office , Ministry of Finance . Options that exist not just raise prices , but also there is the application of fixed subsidies .

However , all types of policies related to subsidies that can not be decided unilaterally by the government . Hatta confirms House will always be involved , if this year would indeed have plans to change the fuel subsidy .

" Of course with the House . I can not necessarily raise the price . Clearly the government tried to keep the deficit does not exceed 3 per cent , if something happens , yes we do something , we exercise all options , " he said .

While personally , Hatta had some additional criteria if there is no option to raise prices of subsidized fuel . The previous government should have a study on the potential negative impact of the policy , especially to the poor . Unpopular measures that also should not cause conflict in society .

" Everything needs to be studied , including the social impact to the community , and how this can be implemented , " said Hatta .

Previously , the Ministry of Finance gave the signal getting back receiving raising subsidized fuel prices in the near future . The possibility was considered the government to suppress the surge of fuel subsidy in the budget .

" What can I say , the possibility of increased fuel prices would not be rule out ( get rid of ) , " said Finance Minister Chatib Basri , earlier this week .

Bank Indonesia has asked the government do not hesitate to raise subsidized fuel prices . If anticipated , raising the price of fuel subsidy excesses on the local economy can be minimized .

When the price of fuel subsidy was increased in March , inflation in 2013 is predicted above nine percent . However , the fact that the government and the central bank is able to prevent the continued impact of the nonpopulis policy , so that the inflation rate is only 8.36 percent last year .

" Thanks to the good coordination and efforts to anticipate , " said Director of the Department of Economic and Monetary Policy Bank Solikin M. Juhro .

Data Pertamina said , until March 31 last , the realization of the distribution of diesel by 3.85 million kiloliters , or 27.2 percent of this year’s quota of 14.14 million kiloliters . The figure increased by 3.9 percent than the same period last year were only 3.7 million kiloliters .

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Meanwhile , consumption of premium realization I/2014 quarter reached 7.1 million kiloliters , or 22 percent of the quota this year 32.32 million kiloliters . The realization was increased 1.63 percent or 120 thousand kiloliters than the same period last year which only 6.98 million kiloliters .


Nearly 25 years in prison, the U.S. Men Declared Innocent

During nearly 25 years in prison , a man in New York City, was found not guilty for murder that trick . The judge found that the man was on holiday in Florida when the murder occurred in 1989 ago .

Jonathan Fleming ( 51 ) runs out of the Brooklyn Supreme Court building as a free man , on Tuesday ( 7/4 ) local time . Kings County district attorney’s office mengugurkan all the charges that led Fleming .

" He was very happy because finally this day came but also frustrated because she suffered for 25 years for a crime he did not commit , " said his lawyer , Taylor Koss as reported by Reuters on Wednesday ( 04/09/2014 ) .

During this time , Fleming continued to insist that he was not guilty of the murder of a man named Darryl Rush in Brooklyn in 1989 ago . The victim was a friend of Fleming ‘s own .

Fleming calls the prosecution lawyers too hasty in judging his client . According to lawyers , prosecutors ignore existing evidence including telephone bills , photographs , hotel receipts and other evidence that indicates that Fleming does exist in Florida when the murder occurred .

In the trial Fleming , there is only one witness who claimed to see Fleming at the scene in Brooklyn , but a few weeks later the witness statement interesting . Fleming was convicted in 1990 and sentenced to life imprisonment , or 25 years according to age at the time.

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Now, after a quarter century , Fleming appeals to fruition when the Supreme Court renders the charges that led Fleming . Kings County District Attorney Ken Thompson claimed new evidence and evidence that Fleming had no cleaning of all charges .

" Based on the fact key alibi , shows Fleming exists in Florida at the time of the murder , I have decided to abort all the charges against the sake of justice, " said Thompson .


Bank Employee surrounded Jokowi

Attack residents enthusiastically welcomed the arrival of presidential candidate of the Democratic Party of Struggle , Joko Widodo aka Jokowi , Friday ( 28/03/2014 ) . In Serang , Jokowi went Rua Market area to campaign for the public choose the PDI - P in the legislative elections of 2014. (see also: download android games terbaru 2014)

In the market there is a row of banks are also traversed by Jokowi . When Jokowi still in the distance , only a few employees standing in front of the door to see the figure Jokowi . However , when Jokowi already running to the bank ‘s front row , All at once, the bank that the majority of women workers immediately jump out , then gathered around Jokowi .

" Mr. Jokowi , stopping first . Pak Jokowi , open savings here first , let’s please sir , " said one employee of Bank Danamon .

" Well , I ndak have the money , " said the Governor of Jakarta .

Panin Bank employees also poured out of their office to shake hands and take pictures with Jokowi .

" Mr. Jokowi , Mr. Jokowi dong first photo . Oops forgot the same job because there Jokowi sir , " said one employee .

One of the employees of the Bank UOB express their complaints to Jokowi . ” Mr. Jokowi , see our workplace Pak , seedy , lots of garbage , how is this sir ? ” he said , pointing to a pile of garbage strewn , not far from where he was standing .

Jokowi was agreed and promised to make corrections if later elected president .

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Previously , Jokowi has filed a leave of absence to campaign today to the Ministry of the Interior . He is scheduled to follow the legislative election campaign in several cities in West Java and Banten . The series of activities Jokowi campaign will run until Monday ( 31/03/2014 ) , which coincides with a national holiday .


Melindungi pohon-pohon tropis di Sumatera

Serangkaian survei keanekaragaman hayati di Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat di Indonesia membantu ilmuwan mengembangkan tindakan konservasi berencana untuk melindungi spesies endemik .

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Tim Indonesia Fauna & Flora International sedang melakukan serangkaian survei keanekaragaman hayati di hutan tropis Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat dekat Jambi , di pulau Sumatera .

Subur , tropis taman nasional , yang terbesar di Sumatera , adalah rumah bagi ratusan fauna langka , endemik dan dilindungi dan flora, termasuk harimau sumatera, gajah sumatera , tapir Malaya , dan terancam punah gelap pohon meranti merah ( Shorea singkawang ) .

Pohon yang gelap meranti merah adalah nilai yang sangat besar bagi masyarakat lokal yang tinggal di dalam dan sekitar zona penyangga taman nasional . Pohon-pohon kayu , kayu keras ringan , digunakan untuk furniture , interior finishings , pintu , dan veneers dan biji yang menghasilkan minyak yang mirip dengan cocoa butter . Masyarakat mengumpulkan dan menjual benih liar - dikenal secara lokal sebagai kawang - untuk menjual di pasar .

Survei dilakukan di lima 2km transek yang telah diidentifikasi sebagai daerah yang termasuk spesies penting dari nilai konservasi tinggi . Para ilmuwan menggunakan Stand Basal area yang merupakan luas penampang pohon setinggi dada per hektar hutan , untuk mengukur kejadian , dan menemukan meranti merah tua hanya 16 stand per hektar .

Daerah survei termasuk pegunungan , lembah dan sungai , dengan spesies hanya ditemukan pada baik-dikeringkan hutan berbukit - dataran rendah dekat sungai.

Bukti anekdotal dari masyarakat setempat mengatakan bahwa hal itu sulit untuk menemukan meranti merah tua sekarang daripada dulu . Para ilmuwan atribut ini untuk deforestasi akibat pembalakan liar dan habitatnya berkurang dari perkebunan kayu dan kelapa sawit .

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Melalui survei yang sedang berlangsung , Fauna & Flora International berharap dapat menemukan lebih endemik , terancam , dan spesies yang dilindungi di Taman Nasional Kerinci Seblat landscape , dengan data yang dikumpulkan digunakan untuk merancang praktek pengelolaan terbaik konservasi berencana untuk meningkatkan kualitas habitat dan terus melindungi fauna yang terancam punah dan endemik dan flora .

source:http://www. fauna-flora .org/