CLA: Prabowo-Hatta Not NU

National Awakening Party ( PKB ) is optimistic that a majority of the Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) will support the pair presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate , Joko Widodo and Jusuf Kalla , the 2014 presidential election . PKB was not worried about the maneuver Prabowo and Hatta Rajasa approaching NU clerics .

" It was a major Nahdliyin base . But right candidate Prabowo - Hatta NU baseball there , " said Chairman of the DPP PKB Karding Abdul Kadir told reporters in Complex DPR / MPR building , Jakarta , Monday ( 05/26/2014 ) .

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This , he said , is different when CLA invites JK to get around East Java . At that time , JK received overwhelming response from the people of East Java NU dominated .

Karding added , CLA has its own tricks in order to successfully achieve NU sound . Members of the House of Representatives Commission VIII said , the CLA will consolidate structurally and culturally , such as kiai , students , as well as the candidates contesting in the elections . ” We remain optimistic that controls PKB East Java and Central Java which controlled the PDI- P , we can achieve , ” he said .


NU: Close Dolly With Decisive, But Carefully

Local authorities should be firm and be careful in closing Dolly Surabaya . Decisive , because Dolly is a localization of prostitution that is part of a dangerous social disease that strikes people of various elements . But also still have to be careful with how to understand the problem thoroughly.

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" Otherwise, it will only move the problem alone , " said Chairman of the Board of Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) infallible Machfoedz on Saturday ( 24/5 ) . Because people are living things that can not be arbitrarily ruled . If immediately closed without any solution studies and prudence, infallible word , do not rule out the possibility that disobedience will move to another place with all the social implications are more dangerous .

Prudence in close localization of prostitution , further infallible , must start with examining the impact and social complications in people who already make a living for many years in the scope of prostitution . One way to build a multidimensional perspective . ” There’s a lot of background , and there are many implications , of course there are also a lot of approaches , ” he said .

Because , Gang Dolly located in the city center is considered by many to have been giving a lot of ’ contribution ’ to the lives of the people around . Existence since the days of Dutch settlement has been fused with other people makes Dolly a source of sustenance for many parties . Not just for the sex workers , but also for shop owners , cigarette vending , parking and motorcycle taxi drivers .

Explained infallible , it must be preceded by the closure of the Shari’a and the power approach . That the government in this case asserts itself as a part of social development. But firmness must be accompanied by the closure of the rehabilitation effort . That people who are in circumference pprostitusi ready to accept the changes and guaranteed social rights as other people .

Pascapenutupan later , the role of the mosque and Islamic community is very important to be a companion . In order for the community and its ranks former prostitutes find other comfort even reap a blessing to live a life other than jazz Dolly . ” Everything should be touched and addressed , so that per - Dolly ‘s existence no longer expected , ” he continued .


This year DKI Buy 149 Garbage Trucks

Jakarta Provincial Government through Jakarta Cleanliness Department will buy as many as 149 dump trucks this year . Head of Jakarta Cleanliness Saptastri Ediningtyas expect rejuvenation all the garbage truck can be completed in 2015.

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" This year , the plan would buy again ( garbage truck ) 149 units . Less I knew the details of the number of garbage trucks , I’ll check again , " said the woman who was familiarly called the Tyas , at City Hall on Thursday ( 05/22/2014 ) .

The garbage truck purchases made ​​through electronic catalogs by the Institute for Procurement of Goods and Services ( Audited ) . However, Tyas not explain in more detail how the budget is allocated for the purchase of hundreds of garbage trucks .

Furthermore , this morning , the city garbage truck gets donations by Chinese businessmen in Jakarta . There is a donation of 53 garbage trucks to the city government. The plan , the trucks will be deployed in 44 districts in the capital .

" The shuttles can carry 2.5 to 3 tons of trash each unit . Hopefully one of the districts can be dump trucks , " said Tyas .

He also hoped that more and more private companies are accounted for garbage trucks to Jakarta . ” Hopefully stimulants and ’ transmitted ’ to other companies to contribute as well . Course we bismillah , every company do have CSR , ” he said .


WN Women Wear Bandages Malaysia Arrested Contains Sabu

Wong Kay Paik ( 29 ) secured customs officials upon landing at Juanda International Airport international terminal , Surabaya , May 12. The Malaysian women caught wearing pads containing methamphetamine .

Cathay Pacific passenger plane flight number CX - 781 from Hong Kong to Surabaya is packing 720 grams of shabu in a long plastic wrap resembles two pads , then sewn stick in panties and wearing pads .

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" Strict supervision of these women had been attention , and security officers conduct an examination of all the goods carried , including his underwear , " said the Head Office of Customs and Excise and Iwan Heriawan Juanda , Wednesday ( 05/21/2014 ) .

For the arrest of the woman of Indian descent , ranks Ditreskoba doing development with Java Police hunting the buyer of shabu . The result , a Nigerian man was arrested in Jakarta .

" This is the modus operandi of the circulation network . Subscribers goods in Jakarta , but the goods were unloaded in Surabaya . We are still developing the case , " said Dirnarkoba East Java Police , Commissioner of Police Andy Ludianto .

Drug evidence secured more than five grams so that the woman is punishable by death , for life , or 20 years in prison , with a maximum fine of Rp 10 billion . It was stipulated in Law No. 35 of 2009 on Narcotics .


In Jember, Hundreds of Volunteers Team Pro Form Jokowi

Hundreds of people from various professions declare themselves as volunteers presidential candidates and vice presidential candidate Joko Widodo ( Jokowi ) and Jusuf Kalla ( JK ) , in District Rambipuji , Jember , East Java , on Monday ( 05/19/2014 ) .

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" We are here gathered to volunteer declaration Jokowi Pro ( Pro - Jo ) of a number of professions . There are the workers , rickshaw drivers, motorcycle taxi drivers , fishermen , farmers , businessmen , and some elements of other professions , " said one volunteer Pro - Jo , Agus Hadi Santoso .

According to him , the Pro - Jo volunteers from five districts , namely Lumajang , Jember , Bondowoso , Situbondo and Banyuwangi .

" All who come here do have the same desire , which won Mr. Jokowi as president , for the sake of Indonesia ‘s great, " said Agus .

Post- declaration , said Agus , it will form a winning team nonstructural parties , ranging from district to polling stations ( TPS ) .

"There will be a special team that will oversee the award of Mr. Jokowi , ranging from the socialization process to escort at the polling station level , " he said .

In the event, hundreds of volunteers Pro - Jo reciting the pledge together to win the presidential and vice presidential spouse Jokowi and JK . Also present at the event , a bearer party functionaries , the PDI-P , Nasdem Party , the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , and the People’s Conscience Party ( Hanura ) .

The event was concluded with the signing of the declaration of a large billboard pictorial first president Sukarno , then Chairman of the Democratic Party of Struggle Megawati Sukarnoputri , and Joko Widodo .

" This signature is a symbol of the people’s full support to Jokowi as president for the coming period , " said Agus .


LG Launches Refrigerator “Unmute”

LG’s new SMS service enabling conversation refrigerator owners know the food in it , also controls other household appliances produced by the company .

This application can only do this in South Korea , but LG plans to sell it in the U.S. and other markets , says the BBC Leo Kelion .

Samsung has launched air conditioners , refrigerators , and washing machines that can be used with the Smart Home services rival .

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LG HomeChat equipment to communicate with users via the Line , a popular chat application in Asia , and is designed to understand the language in general .

Refrigerators are equipped with a wide viewing -angle camera that took the picture through a drawer in the refrigerator whenever the door is opened and closed .

One of the things that can be done is to provide a recent photo so that the owner can determine the necessary items while shopping .

Freshness Tracker Software refrigerators can provide information about items that have expired.

The owner must enter the details of each product into the refrigerator to keep it current .

But analysts say a product like this is just like certain people .

" I’m sure 10 years from now we want smart appliances , but not for now , " said Chris Green , an analyst at consulting firm Davies Murphy .


Education Minister Amazed at Island View School Tidung

Minister of Education and Culture Mohammad Nuh wowed see 241 junior high building Tidung Island , Thousand Islands . According to the size of the school on the island , including a nice SMP building .

" Good yes , school . Schoolmates we see very sufficient at this remote island , " said Noah when Sidak National Examination 2014 Tidung Island , Thousand Islands , North Jakarta , on Monday ( 05/04/2014 ) .

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Noah arrived on the island around 0700 Tidung with quick con . Once in the dock , he went straight to the school . The two -storey building with the environment remains at the shoreline .

Building dominated gray and white paint still bright weasels . From the balcony of the second floor of the school , open stretch of the Java Sea .

According to one teacher , Sugiyarti , the school was recently renovated. “Just yesterday the inauguration of the school March 3rd . A renovated half years , ” he said.

When Noah arrived at the school , the children have started testing since 0700 . The first subject is Bahasa Indonesia .

"The kids who take the test have 54 children , divided into three classes , " he said.

Sugiyarti say , the distribution of copies no matter the obstacles . Script , he said , has come since yesterday .

" Questionnaire script stored in the police , earlier also taken out from there . Upon completion of the test, there will be refunded ( police ) , " he said.

Noah did not linger at the school . He went to another school sidaknya remaining Tidung Island , which MTs -N 26 Jakarta . Furthermore, it continues Sidak Profit Java Island .


Closure Plan Dolly, Risma-Whisnu Not Consistent

Pros and cons of the mayor’s plan to close lokaliasasi Tri Rismaharini Dolly prostitution and distance was also happening internally City Government ( City Government ) Surabaya .

Deputy Mayor of Sakti Buana Surabaya Whisnu including characters that are not in line with the planned closure will be done June 19, 2014 , the deadline set in accordance with the mayor of East Java Governor Soekarwo Rismaharini together .

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"On June 19, 2014 was too fast , " said Whisnu to Surya , Thursday ( 01/05/2014 ) yesterday .

In local government , socialization and preparation really immature . Whisnu even claimed to have been spoken to by Risma about Dolly closure plan .

In fact , plans to repatriate 1,022 commercial sex workers ( CSW ) from the village Putat Jaya stay 37 days longer .

Whisnu also said he did not know for certain schemes and compensation plan that was decided Risma .

" We know it from plunging several times to Village Putat Jaya . The point was not to talk to residents about Localization closure Dolly , " said Whisnu .

Various schemes have been prepared Risma and compensation . For example , to provide severance pay for prostitutes and pimps . For this requirement , East Java provincial government allocated Rp 1.5 billion .

Explained Whisnu , Putat Jaya Village residents will be affected by the closure of many Dolly , because the velocity of money there closely associated with prostitution .

According to Vishnu , the object of Surabaya City Government policies should not only focus on the prostitutes , pimps , and the owner of the guesthouse . The reason they are not the majority of Surabaya citizens .

According to Vishnu , object management program is more important is the survival of the people Putat Jaya , which has been dependent on the height of the quiet - localization .

" So that closure can not just talk homestead Dolly . Which should be a major concern is the citizens of Surabaya ( Putat Jaya ) . If PSK her , so it’s not a citizen of Surabaya shall not be discharged except get treatment , "said Whisnu .


Soon Apple Launches New MacBook Air ?

Apple reportedly will soon launch two latest Macbook Air . Similarly, as quoted PULSAonline via 9to5Mac is citing a number of sources stating that the Macbook Air will soon be revealed .

In the report , two of the MacBook Air will be revealed today ( 29 / 04 ) . According to the source , is called if the latest MacBook Air shipments will arrive at the Apple Store . In fact , also mentioned if the Apple Store has been reorganized to be able to put the Mac back in the outlets to focus on the MacBook Air the next day .

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The new MacBook Air is likely to come with 11 and 13 -inch variants , each of which has a codename J41A and J43A .

The improved features that will be taken by the 13 -inch version than the previous version is the processor 1.3GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.6GHz chip to 1.4 GHz with Turbo Boost up to 2.7GHz .

Other specifications of the MacBook Air is likely to remain the same until rumors of Retina display Macbook Air with a slide at the end of this year . To be clear , we see up to the latest Macbook Air was launched . ( Ozi )


Rear wall collapsed MTsN 2 Jember

The rear wall of junior secondary school ( MTs ) State 2 Jember , East Java , collapsed retaining wall that supports eroded due to swift water river that passes Elderly local area .

" Retaining wall and the back wall of the school that collapsed along the 15 meters , but a year ago a similar incident occurred with a length of 25 meters , so the total retaining wall collapsed and the walls are now reaching 40 meters , " said one teacher MTs 2 Jember , Ahmad Makhin Monday .

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The incident resulted in damage to the vehicle had just addressed by the school such as paving and built a new fence , retaining wall after ambrolnya in 2013 .

"The location was also widened to the east and takes up most of the page is used for student parking near the class acceleration and 7F class , " he said .

According to him , the hall building that was completed with a budget of 300 million also threatened to collapse , if not immediately made ​​gabions or retaining the swift flow of the river scours the Elderly who are behind the local school .

" In plain visible stream eroded soil under the building the hall , so we immediately report the incident to the Department of Irrigation and the Ministry of Religious Affairs ( MORA ) Jember to find a solution , " he said .

He explained that the school was forced to put up and shut with rope woven bamboo potluck to anticipate that some students do not play around locations ambrolnya back wall of the school .

" We hope soon to make gabion Irrigation Office , so that the flow of the River Elderly not getting eroded under the school building that can threaten the safety of the souls of children who are studying at MTs 2 Jember , " he said .

The location of the retaining wall along the 25 -meter never collapsed on 18 April 2013 which resulted in the school cafeteria and the parking lot of the building collapsed , so the parking areas and the cafeteria was forced to be moved in a more secure location .